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It is a very cosmopolitan grape variety, diffused by almost all wine-growing regions of Portugal. It finds at Dão good weather conditions that allow to express all its potential, that's why this is the most produced in the region.
The bunch of grapes is medium and loose and the grapes are small, heterogeneous and with yellowish green epidermis with average bloom. It has a premature maturation.

Enables obtaining citrine colour wines' , with intense aromas, although simple, dominated by floral tones, with balanced acidity and an elegant final, thoughaverage persistence.

Has a good potential for ageing, with wines presenting an extraordinary bouquet, where the colour turns to yellow-straw, and highlighting the complexity of its aromas associated with a fineness, balance and elegance.

Blended with other Dão grapes, prints a peculiar pattern and the personality of the white wines of the region.

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