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In the region of Dão Jaen is produced, at least, since the middle of last century, being quoted, in 1865, in wine surveys, as one of the most dominant grape varieties in the municipality of Mangualde.
It is lawful to think that has been brought by pilgrims returning home through the paths of Santiago. After the plague of phylloxera was spread throughout the region of the Dão, this grape variety continued to have a good productivity and prematurity, which allowed the production of wine with good graduation and good colour.

The bunch of grapes is large and compact, with average and uniform grape berries,the epidermis is not thick, with blue-black colour and average bloom. The flesh is soft and juicy and not coloured.

The wines are elegant, with regular alcoholic content, intense colour and very soft, due to its low acidity. But it is its intense and delicate scent, reminding a little raspberry, which makes this grape variety the most precious.

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