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The fame of Dão wines is due, in large part, to this grape variety, which, in the past, before the phylloxera crisis, was dominant in the region's vineyards. It is the noblest among the red grape varieties.
It has a small and elongated bunch of grapes that bear tiny, rounded and not uniformed grape berries with black-blue epidermis coated with strong bloom. The pulp is stiff, not coloured, juicy and has a distintive flavor

It is a medium maturing variety; production may be medium to high when using selected materials and appropriate conditions, otherwise it is low.

The wines have an intense red colour, with purplish blue shades, when they are young. The aromas are intense and highly complex with traits of ripe dark fruits and berries (blackberries, rosemary, lavender, pine needles, rock rose)

In the mouth they are full-bodied, persistent, robust, with high tannins and very fruity. Great potential for prolonged ageing, acquiring then an elegance and a distinct velvety aroma

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