Adega Cooperativa de Vila Nova de Tazem, CRL

Founded in 1954, the Adega Cooperativa de Vila Nova de Tazem conceived its infrastructure as a cooperative since its beginnings.

Receiving and vinifying the grapes grown by its members, based on the typical varieties of the Dão region, has always been the main objective of Adega Cooperativa. With almost 60 years of existence, the notoriety and sobriety of its brands underline the rigor of this winery that meets the quality defined by the Dão region.

The first harvest carried out in the current facilities took place in 1967, with around 198 associates delivering grapes. In the first years of activity, the Adega sold its entire production in bulk. Gradually, the process of marketing bottled wines began.

The first brand “Encosta da Estrela” appears in 1980. In 1985, Adega Cooperativa reaches an important step in its history by becoming the first of its kind in the Dão region to have its own bottling line. At the same time, it launches the brand “Pedra d’Orca” on the market.

Meanwhile, several renovations are carried out both in terms of facilities and equipment, adapting the initial infrastructure to the new procedures in the areas of reception, winemaking, storage, bottling and shipping. Currently, Adega Cooperativa has a very wide portfolio, selling wines, sparkling wines and brandy.

Annually, it produces around 2 million bottles in various brands and segments, giving special importance to DOP Dão wines.


Rua Dr. António Borges, 122

6290-632 Vila Nova de Tazem

Contacts +351238486182 / +351238486189 geral@adegatazem.pt
GPS coordinates 40.500037, -7.714387
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