A history written with wine…

Passarella i sone of the few existing wineries that due the undisputed quality of its wines, founded the Demarcated Region in 1908, having been instrumental in the current Dão wine map.

Since 1892, Casa da Pasarella became one of Portugal’s emblematic wine houses, where some of Portugal’s emblematic wine houses, where some of Portugal’s legendary oenology names passed by and contributed, such as the dearly remembered Mário Pato and Alberto Vilhena, among many others.

In order to respect such a great legacy, it has been the concern of the current owners of Passarella to maintain the reputation of its wines, thus restructuring the vineyards, while retaining the older ones, and modernising the winery, all this of course without hurting the heritage and culture of that place.


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Montay to Friday | 9:00 am - 1:00 pm - 02:00 pm - 06:00 pm

*By appointment.

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Rua de Santo Amaro, 3

6290-093 Lagarinhos

Contacts +351 238 486 312 info@casadapassarella.pt
GPS coordinates 40º29’49N, 7º40’15.0”W
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Casa da Passarella

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