Casa do Miradouro is one of the most notable historic buildings in the city of Viseu.

The “Dr. José Coelho: A Paixão pelo Passado” exhibition is permanently on display in the Casa do Miradouro and more than a mere collection of objects, it shows the simple and persevering spirit of José Coelho, an illustrious viseense figure of the early and mid-20th century. This is a pedagogical collection of iconic pieces which recount the history of the region. Whether found on his own explorations or given to him by colleagues or students, the pieces on display show above all the care that José Coelho took with every single one of them – for him, they were all parts of a vast puzzle he was trying to put together.

Opening Hours:

Tuesdays: 14H00 – 18H00

Wednesday to Sunday: 10H00 – 13H00 | 14H00 – 18H00

Closed on Mondays, Tuesday mornings, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday and 1st May.

Source: Visit Viseu


Largo António José Pereira

3500-080, Viseu

Contacts +351 232 425 388 casadomiradouro@cmviseu.pt
GPS coordinates 40.66058, -7.910664
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