Confraternity of the Oenophiles of Dão

Honorary Confreres 1997 Honorary Confreres 1997

The Confraternity of the Oenophiles of Dão aims to defend and promote the wine products of the Dão Region. It was constituted by public deed on December 5, 1991 and its first enthronement took place on June 5, 1992, at the Grão Vasco Museum.

More than 300 members of the Confraternity of the Oenophiles of Dão already belong, among which are relevant names of Portuguese public life, such as: Durão Barroso, Jorge Sampaio, Amália Rodrigues, Countess of Santar, D. Duarte Pio de Bragança, Vítor Sobral, Luís Américo, Hélio Loureiro, Chakall, José Fonseca e Costa, Wilson Honrado, Paulo Teixeira Pinto, Vasco D'Avillez, António Homem Cardoso, journalists João Paulo Martins, José Salvador, Luís Costa, Luís Baila, Fátima Campos Ferreira, Aníbal Coutinho , Rui Falcão, Célia Lourenço, Ricardo Castilho, among many others.

The members of the Confraternity are appointed by confreres who can be effective, honorary and protective. The effective confreres are people who carry out their activity as viti or winemakers in Dão, any personalities of proven prestige who have contributed to the promotion, appreciation and dissemination of wine and the Region, and also viticulture and/or oenology technicians or other oenophiles. linked to Dão wine.

Honorary confreres can be individuals who, through their actions, have contributed to the appreciation of the confraternity or who have provided relevant services to it. The protective confreres are natural or legal persons who wish to support the activities of the confraternity in a way considered relevant by the Bacchic Curia. The CVR of Dão is, to date, the only Protector confrere. The social bodies of the confraternity are: Chapter (functions as a General Assembly); Bacchic Curia (functions as Direction); Probation Office (acts as General Council); and Council of Notables (acts as an Advisory Board).

Confraternity of Dão Wine Tasters

Ordem Soberana dos Cavaleiros de Sto. Urbano e S. Vicente – Confraternity of Dão Wine Tasters

The Confraternity of Dão Wine Tasters was created in 1995 by a group of enthusiasts, under the high patronage of His Highness Infante Dom Miguel de Bragança, its Patron – Mor.

It includes direct descendants of founders of the Demarcated Region and admits as confreres those who subscribe to the fundamental principles: Independence from political, economic or other power; defense of culture, moderate and demanding consumption of wine, cordiality, good manners and good humour.

The Order is benevolent, has no material goods and cannot accumulate wealth. Despite its uncompromising independence, the Order regularly receives authorities, members of the government and the military and religious hierarchy, and collaborates with other entities, organizations and municipalities, insofar as this is useful for the dissemination of Dão Wine.

He frequently invites members of the Diplomatic Corps, as he believes they are the best promoters of Portuguese wine among their people. It is a cultural, gastronomic, technical-enological association, which aims to be of public utility and which aims to promote, disseminate and exalt the rational and balanced consumption of wine, namely from the Dão region.


It is defined in the following terms:

Order: For having a structure, based on merits, skills and services provided in favor of statutory objectives, as a factor defining the hierarchical place of each member;

Sovereign: For refusing, in the matter of wines, any other authority, influence or hierarchy than that of the Order that is, specifically, independent of political, economic or any other power.

Of the Knights: By adopting as its guiding conduct the precepts of the old Orders of Chivalry, namely with regard to Honor, Exemption, Loyalty, Justice and Truth, as well as absolute disinterest in any material or social advantages that the condition of member can generate.

In the same line of principles, the Order will fraternally welcome all organizations with a similar or complementary purpose. From St. Urbano and S. Vicente: Because these are the patrons of the Vineyards, within the ancient Portuguese religious tradition.

Source: Confraternity of Dão Wine Tasters

Dão Gastronomic Confraternity

Dão Gastronomic Confraternity Dão Gastronomic Confraternity

Purposes: To promote the survey and investigation of the Portuguese Gastronomic Heritage, namely that of the Dão Region, without, however, opposing its natural evolution, in its multiple aspects: recipes, history, relationship between gastronomy and crafts, art , science and literature. Promote the holding of Gastronomic Meetings and Conviviality, ensuring the genuineness of the products and their preparation.

Foundation: 8 April 1997 - Membership in the National Federation of Confraternities of Portuguese Gastronomy

Godfather: Confraternity "Panela ao Lume"

Source: Dão Gastronomic Confraternity