Dão Primores - Spring Tastings 2023 2
Dão Primores - Spring Tastings 2023

Dão Primores - Spring Tastings 2023

Solar do Vinho do Dão, Fontelo | Viseu

Get to know the program, the winemakers, the producers and the restaurants. 

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 About the Event

Discover the most tipical  flavors of spring in the Dão Region!

On May 20th, Saturday, the Solar do Vinho do Dão will once again be the highlight of this spring.

The new edition of Dão Primores Spring Tastings brings new discoveries of nectars and flavors.

Free and commented wine tastings, traditional gastronomy from the region, and a program of entertainment of its own promise an unforgettable afternoon.


Free entrance | Cost of the glass = 5,00€.

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Get to know our Program

15:00 PM | Old Chapel (*invitation only)

Official Opening - 2022 Harvest Declaration


15:15 PM | Old Chapel (*invitation only)

Award Ceremony of the 13th Edition of the Contest "The Best Wines of the Dão at the Producer - Harvest 2022


15:30 - 18:00 PM | Salão Nobre

Show and tasting of wines from Dão producers


15:30 - 18:00 PM | Welcome Center Wine Shop


15:00 - 21:00 PM | Garden

  • Wine Sale - 18:00 - 21:00 pm
  • Typical regional cuisine
  • Dj Pira - Animation

Commented Tastings - Registration required

15:00 pm | Old Kitchen

"The Perfumer, Wine and Aromas" by Cláudia Camacho


17:00 pm | Enoteca Welcome Center

"Ham - How to harmonize with wine" by António Pina and harmonization by Ritual Presuntaria


18:30 pm | Old Kitchen

"Touriga in Rosés" by Mafalda Perdigão


21h00 | Garden


Wine Producers
Wine Tasting with Wine Producers
Adega da Corga
Adega da Corga
Adega de Mangualde
Adega de Mangualde
Adega de Penalva
Adega de Penalva
Adega de Silgueiros
Adega de Silgueiros
Alameda de Santar 1
Alameda de Santar
Cabriz 0
Caminhos Cruzados 0
Caminhos Cruzados
Casa Américo 0
Casa Américo
Casa da Ínsua 0
Casa da Ínsua
Casa de Santar 0
Casa de Santar
Conceptual Vinhos 0
Conceptual Vinhos
Juliana Kelman 0
Juliana Kelman
Ladeira da Santa 0
Ladeira da Santa
Quinta da Rebôtea 0
Quinta da Rebôtea
Quinta das Mestras 0
Quinta das Mestras
Quinta das Queimas 0
Quinta das Queimas
Quinta do Perdigão 0
Quinta do Perdigão
Quinta dos Carvalhais 0
Quinta dos Carvalhais
Quinta dos Penassais 0
Quinta dos Penassais
Quinta de Stº António 0
Quinta de Stº António
Sociedade Agrícola Boas Quintas 0
Sociedade Agrícola Boas Quintas
Taboadella 0
Vinhos Borges 0
Vinhos Borges
Get to know
Speakers, Gastronomy and Animation
Cláudia Camacho
Cláudia Camacho

She is the first independent woman perfumer in Portugal, a fact that drew the attention of some international brands in the area. After a 17-year national and international career in Arts Management where she worked as a Curator, Art Historian, Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon and CEO of the company AntiFrame - Art Consulting, in 2018, she decided to specialize in perfumery at the School of Creative Perfumery in London (UK). In 2021 she launched her first perfume under her own name, "Mystery", which earned the highest praise from international critics who positioned it as one of the best perfumes of the year. She is the director of the Olfactory Route of Portugal.

António Pina
António Pina

Born in Penalva do Castelo, he has a degree in Viticultural Engineering and Oenology, and started his career in 2008 as resident winemaker at Adega Cooperativa de Penalva do Castelo. In 2011 he left to work in smaller farms and also to carry out a harvest in South Africa. Since then he has worked as a consultant winemaker in several producers in the Dão Region, such as Quinta Vale do Cesto, Fundação Dr. António Vieira and Quinta do Gato. In 2017 he returned again to Adega de Penalva to work as winemaker, where he remains until the present date.

Mafalda Perdigão
Mafalda Perdigão

Mafalda Perdigão is 31 years old and was born in Viseu. Between a world of two passions Horses and Wine, which led her at a certain point in her life to take the decision to deepen her knowledge of an enchanting world that covers the land and knowledge through transformation giving rise to something unique The Wine. With her heart in the Dão region, it would make no sense to allocate herself to another region, so here she began her short professional career in the area from wine production to wine promotion, including counseling, training, tastings and wine events organization.

Taberna da Milinha 0
Taberna da Milinha


Taberna do Dão
Taberna do Dão


Tchicas Tasca


Ritual Presuntaria 1
Ritual Presuntaria

Ritual - Presuntaria Tapas Wines | Harmonization in the Commented Tasting "Ham - How to harmonize with wine"

DJ Pira 1
DJ Pira

Dj - Animation 

Support and Partnerships
Organization and Support 
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Solar do Vinho do Dão | Fontelo, Viseu