“Vine & Wine Sustainability” is the motto of the conference of the 11th edition of Dão Primores – Colheita 2020, which will bring together several specialists, national and foreign.

This year, Dão Primores, an event organized by the Regional Wine Commission of Dão (CVR Dão) in partnership with the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu (IPV), will take place in a new format.

On May 21, the Instituto Politécnico de Viseu will host the conference “Vine & Wine Sustainability”, the most comprehensive seminar on sustainability in the wine sector, organized within the scope of the Dão Innovation Sessions. This meeting - which has the support of The Porto Protocol - brings together some of the greatest national and foreign experts around one of the most current and urgent topics, the sustainability of Vine and Wine, analyzing cases, perspectives and possibilities.

Among others, there will be sustainability programs taken as reference, namely Equalitas from Italy and “Sustainable Winegrowing” from New Zealand, the vision of the “trade” and consumers in different markets, the Norwegian monopoly, in an international panel moderated by Nick Breeze , a journalist specializing in climate and co-founder of the “Cambridge Climate Lecture Series”, as well as panels on the Portuguese case: the program implemented in Alentejo and the practices implemented by producers and cooperatives.

We also rely on the vision of the Instituto da Vinha e do Vinho and ViniPortugal. The conference will be closed by Ana Abrunhosa, Minister of Territorial Cohesion. “With the current context we are experiencing, due to the pandemic, we had to change the format of the event and it seemed, more than ever, pertinent to discuss sustainability in the wine sector as we started our own sustainability program, in partnership with the CVRs that make up the Central Region.

For this we will have several specialists, both national and foreign, who will address relevant topics”, explains Arlindo Cunha, President of CVR Dão. Alongside the conference, and as in previous editions of Dão Primores, the “Best Dão Wines in the Producer” awards will be awarded, in addition to the awarding of the diploma “O Grande Vinho do Dão – IPV”.

The conference will be broadcast online on social networks and on Youtube of Vinhos do Dão.


9H30 – Presentation

  • Arlindo Cunha – Presidente da CVR Dão 
  • João Paulo Gouveia - Vice-Presidente da CM de Viseu 
  • Bernardo Gouvêa – Presidente do Instituto da Vinha e do Vinho

9hH50 – Sustainability – Porto Protocol vision

10H15 – Sustainability plan - international cases

  • Marta Mendonça – Porto Protocol 
  • Ricardo Ricci Curbastro - Eqaulitas 
  • Edwin Massey - Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand

11H50 – Sustainability Plan - national cases

  • Cristina Crava - Porto Protocol 
  • João Luís Barroso – Presidente CVR Alentejo 
  • Helena Ferreira - Adega de Borba 
  • Ana Rodrigues - Global Wines 
  • Miriam Massarenhas – Herdade dos Grous

14H30 – Sustainable Practices - producers in the Center region

  • João Paulo Gouveia - Pedro Cancela
  • Luís Pato – Bairrada 
  • David Ferreira - Cia das Lezírias

15H55 – The vision of trade and consumers

  • Marta Mendonça – Porto Protocol 
  • Christian Miller – Full Glass Research
  • Rolf Eriksen - Vinmonopolet

17H10 – The importance of sustainability in international markets

  • Frederico Falcão - ViniPortugal

17H20 – Delivery of the awards “The Best Dão Wines at the Producer” 

  • Arlindo Cunha - Presidente da CVR Dão

17H30 – Award of the diploma “O Grande Vinho do Dão – IPV” 

  • Arlindo Cunha - Presidente da CVR Dão

17H45 – Closing 

  • Ana Abrunhosa – Ministra da Coesão Territorial
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