The wines of the region were once again highlighted in a competition, this time in the 8th edition of the Wines of Portugal Contest, organized by ViniPortugal and which took place last Friday, May 21st, in a ceremony broadcast online from the Convent of Jesus, in Setubal.

In addition to the Best Sparkling Wine of the Year being delivered to Casa De Santar Vinha Dos Amores Sparkling Encruzado, 2013 (Global Wines), Dão Wines were also distinguished with seven Grand Gold medals, 12 Gold medals and 25 Silver medals.

It should be noted that 1,400 participated and after a careful evaluation by national and international experts, the jury awarded a total of 419 medals, of which 35 in the Grand Gold category, 103 in Gold and 281 in Silver. Dão was among the most awarded regions.

Discover the complete list of distinguished wines:


Caminhos Cruzados Reserva Encruzado 2019 

Casa De Santar Vinha Dos Amores Encruzado 2017

Casa De Santar Vinha Dos Amores Espumante Encruzado 2013 

Fonte Do Ouro Grande Reserva 2017

Ladeira Da Santa Grande Reserva 2018 2018 

Villa Oliveira Touriga Nacional 2016

Villa Oliveira Vinha Das Pedras Altas 2015 


Caminhos Cruzados Reserva Branco 2017 

Caminhos Cruzados Reserva Tinto 2017 

Casa Da Passarella A Descoberta Colheita Branco 2020 

Casa De Santar Reserva 2015

Casa De Santar Reserva 2018 

Invulgar 2017 

Maria João Private Collection 2014 

Maria João Reserva 2012

Quinta Das Marias "Reserva Especial" Touriga Nacional 2017 

Quinta De Lemos, Dona Georgina 2007 

Quinta De Lemos, Touriga Nacional 2007

Quinta Do Cerrado - Reserva 2018 


Cabriz Touriga Nacional 2019 

Caminhos Cruzados Rosé 2020

Casa Américo Homenagem Tinto 2015

Casa da Passarella A Descoberta Colheita Tinto 2018 

Casa de Santar, 2019 

Dom Vicente Encruzado & Malvasia Fina Grande Reserva 2017

Fonte do Ouro Reserva 2018

Kelman Touriga Nacional 2016 

Maria João Private Collection 2013 

Mob Lote 3 2017 

Senna 2017 

Monteirinhos Avô António Reserva 2019 

Morgado de Silgueiros Reserva 2017 

Munda 2018

Morgado De Silgueiros Reserva 2017 

Quinta da Ponte Pedrinha Vinhas Velhas Tinto 2015

Quinta de Lemos Dona Georgina 2012

Quinta de Lemos Dona Georgina 2013

Quinta de Lemos Dona Santana 2005

Quinta de Lemos Dona Santana 2007

Quinta do Medronheiro 2012

Quinta do Medronheiro 2017

Quinta do Serrado Encruzado 2018

Quinta dos Monteirinhos Menino Afonso Tinto Reserva 2018

Soito Alfrocheiro Reserva 2017

Villa Oliveira Encruzado 2017


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