Quinta de Gonçalvinho is situated at the foot of Serra da Estrela, in the Paranhos da Beira municipality, in the heart of the Dão, between the villages of Nelas and Seia.

The owners are a Franco-Portuguese couple, Casimiro and Christelle, who decided, in 2008, to leave their lives in France, to embrace a new adventure: produce wines in the centenary Demarcated Region of the Dão.

Their arrival at the Dão Region which they did not know, was a discovery: in the Dão, the vineyards are hidden by pine trees, tucked away behind gorse, blackberry bushes and the walls.

They built up the Estate, planting in 2004, about 12 hectares of vineyards with the indigenous grape varieties.

They used na integrated protection on the estate, protecting the vineyards in a cost-effective and eficiente manner, minimising environmental pollution.


Rua de Seixal

6270-133 Paranhos da Beira


Contacts +351 927 987 802 info@fgoncalvinho.com
GPS coordinates 40º29’04.1”N, 7º46’07.9”W
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