Quinta das Camélias is located in the village of Sabugosa.

In 2002, when Jaime de Almeida Barros bought the Estate, it was in a state of semi-abandonment, and for that reason he had to proceed to the total conversion of te existing vineyards.

Jaime Almeida Barros thus reclaimed the reputation that this estate once had in the world of wine.

In the 1940s, it was even responsible for supplying wine to the Portuguese Embassy in the United States, and the respective barrels sealed with the Embassy stamp.

Today, Quinta das Camélias continues to work in the search for high-quality, elegante and structured wines, thus making known the greatness of the demarcated region of the Dão.


Rua das Amoreiras, 9


3500-885 Viseu

Contacts +351 232 428 830 / +351 968 877 007 qtadascamelias@sapo.pt
GPS coordinates 40º34’23.54”N, 8º02’11.75”W
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