The adventure of the company Julia Kemper Wines started in 2003.

It was at this time that Julia de Melo Kemper, a lawyer in Lisbon, accepted her father's challenge and decided to take on a centuries-old family heritage - the passion for wine!

This was the start of Julia Kemper’s wines, at Quinta do Cruzeiro, on a plateau surrounded by mountains, with pine ando live trees along the borders.

A true biodiversity ecosystem.

In 2008, the first wines hit the market and immediately gained the recognition from critics, in a combination of originality, character, elegance and structure.


Quinta do Cruzeiro, Oliveira

3530-239 Mangualde

Contacts +351 213 568 180 | +351 918 133 592 hello@juliakemperwines.com
GPS coordinates 40.63058414488535,-7.753704951840215
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