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The quality of the services provided by the CVR Dão is considered to be one of its main objectives.

Therefore, the Executive Committee of the Dão CVR has established as a strategic objective the maintenance and continuous improvement of the Management System of its Analysis Laboratory, according to Standard NP EN ISO/IEC 17025, and the consequent accreditation of the largest possible number of tests carried out there, by a competent entity.

Thus, in July 2019, the process of accreditation of the tests performed by its Tasting Chamber was concluded, after a period of gathering objective evidence of its technical competence, externally recognized by the Portuguese Accreditation Institute.

The Laboratory, called the CVRD Laboratory, is one of the sectors of the Dão Regional Wine Commission and is accredited, for Physical-Chemical tests, since 1999, according to NP EN 45001 with consequent renewal of accreditation in May 2002 according to NP EN ISO/IEC 17025. Since July 2019 the extension of the Accreditation for the tests performed in its Tasting Chamber for DO Dão, DO Lafões and IG Terras do Dão Wines and DO Dão Sparkling Wine is stated in the Accreditation Certificate L230 and its Accreditation Technical Annex No. L0230-1 (the original can be found on the IPAC website and on the CVR website).

One of the competencies of the Laboratory for Physico-Chemical and Sensorial Assays is to create an image of credibility, trust, and technical rigor in the provision of its services, and to obtain analytical results of adequate precision within an acceptable time and cost.

The Laboratory is composed of a specialized team with a vast experience, focused on the use of accredited methods and strict protocols, which allies to its knowledge the most advanced equipment allowing it to respond to the clients' needs in a fast and rigorous way, guaranteeing the confidentiality, integrity and impartiality of the work done.

The general flow of test samples from receipt to the issuing and dispatch of the test bulletin is schematized as follows: Flow chart


Your wine deserves every attention. 

Know all the parameters of your wine, design your profile according to your ideal!

Ensure maximum quality and avoid contaminations that can alter your wine. Our Laboratory, accredited for Physical-Chemical testing for over 20 years and for Sensory Analysis since 2019, according to NP EN ISO/IEC 17025 (Accreditation Technical Annex No. L0230-1), guarantees fast and reliable results. We are the partner you are looking for.



  • We have the most advanced technology, having a specialized team available with continuous training in order to keep up with all the technological and legislative developments in the field of oenology. This allows us to offer our customers a wide range of fundamental tests for monitoring the quality of their wine.



  • Our laboratory is equipped with technology that allows the detection of any kind of contamination that the products may have, in order to avoid organoleptic deviations that alter or damage the wine's profile. Microbiological analyses are crucial for the production of wines free of defects. Often undervalued because the risks of contamination are underestimated, it is increasingly decisive to know the microbial population present in the wine to avoid all undesirable organoleptic deviations that can be responsible for high losses.



  • Our laboratory has a panel of trained and specialized tasters, with the purpose of determining the set of sensations that the wine conveys, detecting attributes and defects. This analysis is essential both in the production phase and in the blending phase, in order to ensure the desired organoleptic profile and to maintain quality throughout the life cycle of the wine.

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Acreditação IPAC NP EN ISO/IEC 17025 - L230-1

Certificado Acreditação L0230 | NP EN ISO/IEC 17025