12 km to the north of Viseu, you will find the delightful village of Várzea de Calde, whose popular architecture typical of the Beira Alta region is the chosen setting for the Linen Museum. Here, you can relive the natural rhythms of the seasons of rural life, bring old agricultural tools to life, learn about the linen cycle, go inside a wine press and become caught up in the bustle and joy of country people. The museum is a place where rural identity is celebrated through the innumerous testimonials of people who worked from dawn to dusk, living on and for the land. You can book a visit to see the two dozen weavers living and working in the village and you can actually sit at a loom in the museum’s workshop to weave a piece of quilt and so leave behind a mark of your visit. There is also a wonderful country walk that starts and finishes in the village.

Opening Hours:

Tuesdays: 14H00 – 18H00

Wednesday to Sunday: 10H00 – 13H00 | 14H00 – 18H00

Closed on Mondays, Tuesday mornings, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday and 1st May.

Source: Visit Viseu


Calçada do Eirô Nº18


Contacts +351 232 911 004 museu.varzea@cmviseu.pt
GPS coordinates 40.7652866, -7.8745617
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