Located in Casa da Calçada, in the historic area of Cidade-Jardim.

The Keil Amaral Museum takes on a journey through the life span of five generations of a family closely linked to Art, in Portugal: the Keil Amaral. The museum space tells the story of thirteen family members, from their individual to collective journeys, between the 19th century. XIX and the century. XX, through a set of works from his private collection. Tailoring pieces, musical patterns, models, photographs, furniture, illustrations, tiles, sculptures, ceramic collections, musical instruments, jewelery, armory and handicrafts are some of the pieces that visitors will be able to observe at the Museum, which belonged to the family. One of the members, Alfredo Keil, was the author of the national anthem, another of the Museum's outstanding themes. One of the branches of the Amaral family originated in the district of Viseu. Francisco Coelho do Amaral Reis was born in Canas de Senhorim, in 1873, and held relevant political positions during the first Portuguese Republic. Among them, Civil Governor and Deputy for Viseu. Leonor Pereira Keil Amaral, born in 1973, is an award-winning dancer and was a member of Companhia Paulo Ribeiro, between 1996 and 2014, at Viriato Teatro Municipal. Located on Calçada da Vigia, an artery adjoining the Adro da Sé, the heritage building that houses this estate is dated from the 18th century and classified as a Public Interest Building since 1978. Its rehabilitation began at the end of 2014.

Source: Visit Viseu


Calçada Vigia 2

3500-219 Viseu

Contacts museukeilamaral@cmviseu.pt
GPS coordinates 40.660833225951286, -7.909825725799775
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