Pedra Cancela is a family project that brings together the knowledge of several generations dedicated to the vineyards and wine of the Dão.

João Paulo Gouveia assimilated the empirical knowledge of his parents and grandparents, added his scientific training and in the 2000 harvest the first Pedra Cancela wine was produced, reinforcing in the following years its status as one of the flagships of the region.

The Pedra Cancela wines come from 75 hectares of vineyards located between Viseu, Mangualde, Nelas and Carregal do Sal, which include 19 hectares with more than 50 years old.

The consolidated growth of the brand was more recently guaranteed through the acquisition of a new property in Carregal do Sal, called Pedra Cancela - Vinha da Fidalga and where 15 hectares of vines have already been planted.

Integrated in the Lusovini project, where it benefits from a modern production and distribution structure, the brand Pedra Cancela unfolds today by several references, targeted to different market segments, with the common denominator of quality and genuineness: they are Dão wines in all their fullness.

Wine Tourism is one of the most dynamic aspects of the Pedra Cancela Project, with spaces in Nelas, Carregal do Sal, Oliveira de Barreiros and in the Cathedral of Viseu.

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Quinta da Carreira Alta

Oliveira de Barreiros

3500-892 Viseu

Contacts +351 925 608 599 pedracancela@gmail.com
GPS coordinates 45º35'53,00"N, 7º55'31,00W
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Pedra Cancela

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