The Agricultural Farm of Penedo do Mouros was founded in 1993.

It produces and sells wines from its vineyards under the Quinta de S. Pedro brand.

In its main vineyard is a monumento that has been classified as being of public interest, comprising a large and rounded granite monolith.

Attached to one of its sides is a granite staircase, which at the top, forming a platform, gives access to the top of the rock.

At the top there is a tiny construction similar to a temple. The construction era dates back to the Iron Age.


Av. do Calvário, 4

São Miguel de Outeiro

3460-456 Tondela

Contacts +351 231 511 267 geral@arcosrei.pt
GPS coordinates 40º35’12.8976”N, 8º1’52.32”W
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