Quinta da Espinhosa was born from the will and dream of a man...

Alberto Oliveira Pinto, who, having lived abroad for more than 20 years, has always appreciated the great wines of the world. Thus was born the dream of doing something very beautiful in his hometown, Vila Nova de Tazem.

He cherished this dream for many years and acquired, with the helpful help of his father, José António Lopes, small properties that he gradually unified, starting in a very particular place in his childhood, Espinhosa.

Over several years, the farm became planned and structured, having been the first experimental field of grape varieties in the Dão Region.

This farm is located in Vila Nova de Tazem, right in the heart of the Dão Demarcated Region, very close to Serra da Estrela, which gives these wines unique and differentiating qualities from the others.

Being inserted in the Serra da Estrela Sub-Region, the vineyards are between 500 and 600 meters and the granitic lands, with some traces of shale, the excellent sun exposure of the vineyards and the careful work in the cellar, give typicality and authenticity. to these Dão wines.

Quinta da Espinhosa is working on an integrated production method, controlled by external organisms, allowing treatments to be the least toxic, with products that are less harmful to plants, the environment and in the end resulting in purer and semi-organic wines.


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Quinta da Espinhosa

6290-632 Vila Nova de Tazem

Contacts +351 927 232 928 geral@quintadaespinhosa.pt
GPS coordinates 40º49'85.99.7"N , 7º70'15.95.8"W
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