Right in the heart of Beira Alta, it is 6 kms from the city center of Viseu.

Quinta do Medronheiro is a property with about 37 hectares, located in the Dão Region.

Over the years, severat houses emerged in this estate, some of farm housekeerpers and employees, others to shelter domestic animals, but all of them with one common denominator: they were all made of stone, a Hallmark of the region.

After several years of hard work, Quinta do Medronheiro was revived: the houses underwent improvement works, the pathways were improved, the vineyard was restructured and enlarged, and a modern winery and na event hall were built.

All these features combined gave rise to a modern and pleasant Rural Hotel, where the best o the countryside goes hand in hand with the Comfort of modern days.



3510-744 São Cipriano

Contacts +351 232 952 300 / +351 968 817 437 geral@quintadomedronheiro.pt
GPS coordinates 40º37'27.6"N, 7º57'57.5"W
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