Quinta dos Penassais is located in the Cumieira area, parish of S. João de Lourosa.

Here you can find the vineyards that are part of this family business, exclusively linked to the wine sector since 1385.

The vineyards are located on a granite type soil, they presente have a southward exposure, an average age of more than 20 years and with a production of circa thirty thousand litres of red wine and ten thousand litres of White wine.

The family tradition and respect for the culture of the region has made the existing vine varieties be the ones that are solely recommended for this Demarcated Region of Dão.


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Cumieira, S. João de Lourosa

3500-887 Viseu

Contacts +351 232 098 310 quintadospenassais@gmail.com
GPS coordinates 40º37’26.93”N 7º53’26.02”W
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Quinta dos Penassais

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