Tradition is what best characterizes Quinta dos Roques.

Wine production at Quinta dos Roques stems from the desire to maintain a tradition rooted in the family and at the same time give it professional character and quality.

At Quinta dos Roques, it only makes sense to produce wines if these reflect, in their essence, our culture, our traditions, our grape varieties, our soil and rivers, that which te French call “terroir”.

Of course there is always room for innovation within tradition and improving knowledge accumulated over the centuries, hence why Quinta dos Roques has from the beginning been experimenting with new types and Styles of wines in the region – sparkling, liqueur and the now renowned varietal – of which the Estate prides itself in having been a pioneer in the Dão region.

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Rua da Paz

Abrunhosa do Mato

3530-050 Cunha Baixa

Contacts +351 232 614 500 info@quintaroques.pt
GPS coordinates 40º33’3.40”N, 7º45’3.64”W
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Quinta dos Roques

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