With three generations of family history, Quinta Vale do Cesto began in 1987.

On its land, it includes centuries-old vineyards, which transform the wine produced there into a memorable and high quality product.

In 2014 a wine exploration project begins, with a renovation and expansion of vineyards. In 2016, the commercial company is created, which embodies this project.

Currently, it has approximately 8 hectares of vineyards, showing the world one of the best sub-regions of winery that Dão has. Most of the vineyards are divided into two large areas, Quinta Vale do Cesto, where the winery is located, and Quinta de Santo António, which is approximately 10km apart.

New plantations were added to the centuries-old vines there, preserving the classic Dão grape varieties, which give it its distinct elegance, aromas and freshness.

The vines are characterized by their soils of good permeability, coarse texture, not very fertile and predominantly granitic, at an altitude of 470 and 550 meters.

The climate in these areas is river and rainy in winter and very hot and dry in summer, with microclimatic influences from Serra da Estrela. Always honoring its terroir, it presents five wine brands that tell us the history of the place and the region, namely: Vale do Cesto, Serra D’alva, Muros Vadios, Alva Magna and Quinta Vale do Cesto.

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Rua do Cortinhal, nº39 Apt. 70

3405-305 Oliveira do Hospital

Contacts +351 911 084 392 geral@quintavaledocesto.pt
GPS coordinates 40º38'08.5"N, 7º83'41.6"W
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Quinta Vale do Cesto

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