Quinta Mendes Pereira an estate where wine is born, grows and then rests begore it is introduced to the public. 

In the heart of the historic village of Oliveira do Conde, Quinta Mendes Pereira is part of an original construction from the mid-19th century.

The production, vinification, and bottling is fully carried out at Mendes Pereira Estate, and its name is only used in te bottling of selected and prize-winning wine batches.

Harvest occurs in late September under the auspices of the Patron Saint São Miguel.

As occurs naturally with a wine of the highlands, harvesting is done manually in order to not damage or adulterate the grapes. In the cellar, fruits are squeezed in the traditional manner, in a stone mill, as is tradition.


Quinta da Sobreira

Oliveira do Conde

3430-350 Carregal do Sal

Contacts +351 910 873 565
GPS coordinates 40º26'21.31"N, 7º58'21.55"W
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