Santar Vila Jardim is the new project of the Vasconcellos e Souza family, heir to the Casa dos Condes de Santar e Magalhães.

In 2013, the Family decided to invest in the preservation and enhancement of its material and immaterial heritage, with this pioneering project in Portugal, in which it made a point of associating other important houses in Vila de Santar as well as Misericórdia.

Santar Vila Jardim aims to reinforce the identity of the landscape and express a narrative: visiting Santar, a historic town, through its gardens.

Inserted in a wine-growing region, the village of Santar, brings together the vineyards of Casa dos Condes de Santar and Magalhães, Fidalgas, Ibérico Nogueira and Magnólia.

In them, large castes were combined in a terroir of choice. A Vine Garden is one that awakens all the senses.

The Casa dos Condes de Santar e Magalhães, whose origins date back to the end of the 16th century, is the place where, in 1998, the founding protocol of the Dão Wine Route was signed.

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Santar Vila Jardim

Av. Viscondessa de Taveiro

3520 - 127 Santar

Contacts +351 232 942 937 | +351 919 662 839 info@santarvilajardim.pt
GPS coordinates 40.5731282,-7.8884881
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Santar Vila Jardim

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