UDACA was founded in 1966 housing a great strategic vision.

Representing the nine Cooperative Wineries of the Dão, UDACA can unite in its products, all the features characteristics and particularities that this historic region of Dão has to offer.

Currently UDACA features technologically advanced infrastructures, as well as specialised teams in various departments, and follows a strategic policy of internatinalisation, scoring presence, already, at several points of the globe.

UDACA comprises a store, museum, auditorium, laboratory, warehouse (with more than 100 vats capable of storing 6,000,000 liters), two bottling lines (each capable of delivering 6,000 bottles/hour) and an underground cellar.


Quinta da Misericórdia

Estrada Principal do Parque Industrial de Coimbrões

3500-322 Viseu

Contacts +351 232 467 060 geral@udaca.pt
GPS coordinates 40º63'29.9N, 7º90'56.3"W
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