The Dão wines

Here begins a journey through the world of Dão Wines.

Take a deep breath, fill your chest with air and let yourself be carried away by the aromas and flavors of the wines waiting to be discovered.

Don't make them wait any longer and discover now that what counts is not always the experience that you have accumulated, but the one you are about to live.

Look, smell, taste and wait.

The discovery of a wine is made in stages, calmly removing from each moment the signs and sensations that are in its essence. From the roughness of the granite soils to the sensitivity of those who selected the lots, everything is revealed and discovered in a tasting.

Red Wines

Because ruby is more than just a gem...

Still red wines are made by fermenting red grapes. The range of colors in red wines is very wide, ranging from ruby red to darker red. Young reds are smooth, very aromatic and have a delicate flavor. Older red wines have a very intense aroma and are velvety in the mouth, with a high alcohol content.

The red wines from Dão are ruby in color with subtle brick reflections. Its aroma is intense of ripe fruit and complex and delicate flavor. These are very elegant and full-bodied wines, with exceptional acidity. They have great aging potential, presenting an extraordinary “bouquet” and velvety flavor.

White Wines

Because fruity tastes are no longer confined to the orchard...

Still white wines are made by fermenting grapes without the skin. There are cases where there are white wines made from the skin maceration process, that is, the skins of the grapes maintain contact with the must before fermentation, so that there is a greater aromatic concentration. Dão white wines are citrus colored wines, with fruity, complex and delicate aromas. They are fresh wines in the mouth, with balanced acidity and an exuberant finish.

Rose Wines

Because there is more to pink than blushing...

Rosé wines are produced from red grape varieties, through a special fermentation process. After a short period of contact, the skins of the grape are removed, as some pink color has already been imparted to the wine.

A process similar to that of white wine begins, in which the fermentation takes place without the skins. Roses can get different shades that can range from pale pink to light red. Its flavor results from the balance between the characteristics of white wine and red wine: light and smooth rosé wines may appear, such as wines with a strong aroma of red fruits.

Dão rose wines are light with a floral and fruity mix. With balanced acidity, they are fresh and persistent in flavor.

Sparkling Wines

Because bubbles are a sign of happiness...

Sparkling wines have carbon dioxide that comes from secondary fermentation, which gives them the typical “bubble” and foam. The final stage of fermentation of sparkling wines is carried out in the bottle, the so-called classic or champagne method. Dão sparkling wines have fruity aromas and fresh and elegant flavors.

They are balanced and harmonious wines. With a fine and persistent perlage enveloping all sensations. They are sparkling wines of high refinement and seduction.

Traditional Mention

Traditional Mention